Portfolio Engineering Design

December 12th, 2011
Портфолио Инженерен дизайн / Portfolio Engineering Design
Graduate work
This portfolio presents some students’ work and the studying process from the course of Engineering Design Department in the Technical University of Sofia.
It all started as an idea by the three of us Rossen, Denitsa and Filip, that later formed UNDERLOVER. We decided to make the first portfolio of the design department and present the process of studying, the atmosphere and some useful info for upcoming students. So we chose to make three different books each one to be the complement of one another and the three of them to represent one concept. It would be great if such a portfolio was to be published every year, including the current stage of the course.This is the first edition of our project realized as Denitsa Toneva’s graduate work. It presents some of the students and their projects from the 2010 studying year. It includes main information about the university and applying requirements also. The notebook view of the portfolio has been chosen because of the passing character of students’ work. The coil binding makes it easy to change number of pages if it’s going to be published every year. Visual concept is informal and strongly dedicated to linear appearance. In the back cover there is a barcode with the common part of students’ faculty number. It represents some kind of identity. At the end you can see a small plan of the book and a chronological index ot thoughts that raised inside of us through the work process. It’s all in Bulgarian. Enjoy the images and thanks for viewing.

> Филип — дипломна работа / Filip’s graduate work
> Росен — дипломна работа / Rossen’s graduate work