wtaf promo video 2011

October 13th, 2011
Водна кула арт фест — рекламен клип / Water Tower Art Fest — Promo video

Рекламен клип за Водна кула арт фест 2011 — международен фестивал за съвременно изкуство
Видео — UNDERLOVER / Деница Тонева и Филип Лазаревски/
Музика — Живко Йорданов /Artone/
Визуална идентичност на Водна кула арт фест — Постстудио
Promo video for the Water Tower Art Fest 2011 — International Contemporary Art Festival based in Sofia, Bulgaria
Video: UNDERLOVER /Denitsa Toneva and Filip Lazarevski/
Sound Design: Jivko Yordanov /Artone/
Visual Identity Water Tower Art Fest: Poststudio.bg
The festival has been developed over the years in alternative art spaces across the city of Sofia. The initial venue was an unused water tower, which has now become a symbol for our city’s alternative possibilities. The festival presents international artists working in the contemporary art scene from video installations to performances and experimental films. This year there’re more than 150 artists from 27 different countries. It also includes workshops in many disciplines for young artists. Organized and initiated by NGO IME and friends.
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