wtaf 2012

May 31st, 2012
Водна кула арт фест 2012 — международен фестивал за съвременно изкуство — визуална идентичност, концепция, печатни и видео материали, уеб сайт / Graphic, web and video materials for an international contemporary art festival Water Tower Art Fest 2012

Водна кула арт фест 2012 следва белия заек – рекламен клип
Видео: Деница Тонева
Специални ефекти: Христо Колев – Christobel
Камера: Ния Пушкарова
Звук: Мара Голдуин/DJ SEEKS SAME
Water Tower Art Fest 2012 follows the White Rabbit – Teaser
Direction and Edit: Denitsa Toneva
Special effects: Hristo Kolev – Christobel (Laboratory of Biocoordination and Bioanalytical Chemistry, University of Sofia)
Camera: Nia Pushkarova
Sound: Mara Goldwyn/DJ SEEKS SAME

Photos by Denitsa Toneva, Boryana Pandova, TheMonkeyStudio, Marian Marinov, Alan Kurtev.

This year the slogan is: “Water Tower Art Fest follows the White Rabbit” and the visual concept explores inner themes like: passing through one reality to another, transformation, mutation, rebirth, dust…
As a sign of our never-ending curiosity for whatever comes our way. “Alice in Wonderland” embraces the space, where everything is possible as long as you are able to imagine it. Alice wanders through various ideas of worlds, meeting talking animals, flowers and people, who seem to irradiate onto their surroundings and modify them appropriate to their comfort.
In Wonderland, it is not society which moulds imagination, but imagination, which moulds society.