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I’ve been working both in a studio context and independently with over ten years of experience in the creative field. Focusing on visual communication as a process of product development through research, concept, art direction, physical and digital ephemera.

I work in collaboration with like-minded people, whether they are friends, institutions, small/big collectives or start-ups, coping with subjects from cultural heritage to underground events, museum and independent exhibitions, cutting-edge innovations, ways of living, sports and non-profit organisations.


Currently working as an independent designer. I’m available for freelance work (remote and on site), work proposals, collaborations, researches, studies, talks, workshops and consulting. Besides I am part of Plovdiv Fencing Club as a PR and Sabre Coach.

Focused on

Research, Concept, Design Thinking, Visual Identity, Branding, Product Development, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Web Design, UI/UX, Illustration, Data Visualisation, Art Installations, Exhibition Design

Interested in

sustainability, decentralisation, transdisciplinary approach, form, function, time concepts, minerals, women, water, culture, nature, art, science, technology, controversy, change, the unknown, rituals of life and death, studying German, having deeper fundamental basics in chemistry